RFP Template

RFP Template

Where Can I Find RFP Templates?

If you’re searching for an RFP template, then you’re likely planning to run a thorough purchase process. That’s great! Did you know that less than half of corporate purchasing in the U.S. is run “professionally?” You’re already ahead of the game. However, putting together an RFP has historically been a tall order so leveraging an RFP template makes a lot of sense.

But here’s a dirty little secret, a large number of RFP templates that are freely available are actually published by vendors. While you’re orchestrating a process to arrive at an impartial vendor selection decision, bias can creep in without your even knowing. How do you think a vendor will score when responding to RFP that was based on the RFP template it published?

Vendorful makes it as easy as point-and-click for buyers to map their criteria to RFP questions. In fact, we curate a list of questions and templates across an ever-growing number of product/service categories. And if you’re interested in buying something in a new category, our team will help you craft the list of questions that are right for your organization.

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Benefits of an RFP Template

A good RFP template provides buyers with a head start in their purchasing process. For procurers who aren’t subject matter experts, it can be surprising how much good information a list of questions can convey. Where buyers have domain expertise, the idea of crafting a comprehensive list of question can still be daunting. A good RFP template is good “jumping-off point” for the purchasing process.

The RFP Template Done Right

At Vendorful, we’re 100% focused on helping buyers and sellers get great outcomes at much lower cost. We do this by streamlining the RFP/RFI process, consolidating information and allowing seamless collaboration. Our questions are curated by the community of buyers and vendors. These questions can be compiled into templates that are then made available to the buyer community. If your organization is planning a complex or expensive purchase, it’s never been easier to generate your RFP questionnaire.

Just 3 Steps

Steps 1, 2, 3


1. Select an RFP template that aligns well with your requirements.
2. Remove questions that don’t apply to your organization and click to add “best of breed” questions from our curated database.
3. Add additional questions that are unique to your organization.

RFP Template Library


Currently, Vendorful houses curated questions and RFP templates for the following product categories:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Hosting
  • Managed DNS
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDN)
  • Online Video Platforms (OVP)
  • SaaS Monitoring

We are actively looking to add more RFP templates and questions to our database. If you are looking to issue an RFP/RFI and need some help coming up with the questions, please sign up and reach out. Our team looks forward to working with you!

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