Vendorful simplifies processes, data flow, and communication so you can focus on the strategic part of strategic sourcing.



With an integrated suite of tools at your disposal — chat, tasks, real-time collaborative editing, and more — it’s never been easier to work together. Leverage the expertise of your colleagues, automatically notify stakeholders and suppliers in advance of key dates, and track and monitor progress.


Bye, bye spreadsheets and long email chains. Hello apples-to-apples evaluations and integrated attachment viewing. Your days of copying and pasting information are over. Frustration over tracking down misplaced information will soon be a distant memory.


Level up your savings while increasing alignment with suppliers, boosting output and the bottom line. Vendorful’s tools help you turn procurement from a cost center into a profit center.


Drive more value from existing systems: ERP, Procure-to-Pay, Risk Management, and more. Vendorful can work standalone or plug into other enterprise systems and automate the flow of data.

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Automate Your RFP/RFI/RFQ Process

Email, Excel, and MS Word are fantastic tools…but not for RFPs. And that enterprise-class procurement system may leave you wanting when it comes to sourcing events.

Enter Vendorful.

Draft: You can build RFPs, RFIs, and RFQs — including questionnaires and pricing tables — in minutes.

Issue: Stay in context with integrated vendor Q&A and track vendor progress as responses are developed.

Evaluate: Maintain the integrity of your process with blind evaluation. Make apples-to-apples comparisons with side-by-side scoring, complete with weighting, auto-tabulation, and results analysis.  

Calculate the Cost of Traditional RFPs

Reverse Auctions for Time and Cost Savings

What is a Reverse Auction?

Reverse auctions are widely regarded as an effective and efficient tool for negotiating maximal savings in minimal time. Vendorful helps buyers and suppliers come together by bringing point-and-click simplicity to a historically complex process.

When might I run a Reverse Auction?

To be clear, a Reverse Auction is not a replacement for an RFP or a tool that is suited to complex purchases. However, in commodity categories, they can be very useful in expediting what might otherwise be protracted price negotiations.

How does Vendorful help?

We have made a potentially complex process as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Buyers set up their auctions with a point-and-click interface.
  2. Vendors are invited.
  3. Bids roll in when the auction start..
Ask how reverse auctions can save you time and money

Contracts Administration and Lifecycle Management


Contracts might expire or auto-renew without your knowledge. You’re not entirely sure where you’re spending. In fact, you’re not even sure where all of your contracts are.



Vendorful’s CLM and Contracts Administration capabilities allow you to take control of your legal agreements. Upload single document and multi-document contracts. Assign custom metadata and set up reminders. Never be caught unaware again!

Stay Ahead of Renewals and Expirations

Vendor Management

Your spreadsheet won’t scale. And that enterprise system is too onerous and inflexible. But the size of your vendor database is only going to grown. Needs, meet solution.

Vendorful’s Vendor Management includes

  • A rich templating system that allows you to capture common data for all suppliers as well as vertical-specific information.
  • The ability to fill in supplier data yourself or invite a contact at the supplier to complete it.
  • Automatic tracking of contracts, sourcing events, notes, and more in a timeline tied to the vendor record.
  • Support for files so you can capture W-9s, certifications, and other key documents.
  • Built-in fields to facilitate supplier-diversity initiatives.

And there’s more. Plus, Vendorful plays nicely with other systems. Talk to us about importing, exporting, or synchronizing your vendor list and its associated data.

Vendor Management UI

Capture and Manage Vendor Information

Integrations and Deployment


For some organizations, Vendorful might represent the first investment in a procurement-related application. For others, it might be part of a suite of applications, e.g. a procurement suite, an ERP, a risk management application, etc. For organizations in the second category, there are some specific benefits that come with adopting Vendorful.

API Integration

Built on APIs

The Vendorful product was built with an API-first approach. The application’s front-end is actually a consumer of those APIs. One of the benefits of this approach is the ability to allow other systems — properly authenticated, of course — to get data into and out of Vendorful.

We Love Integrations

Vendorful is designed to work standalone as well as complement existing systems. Have SSO set up? Great. Need to update your existing “system of record” after a sourcing event as well as interoperate with other systems in which you’ve already made investments. That’s right up our alley.

Our belief is if Vendorful is “yet another system” that gets added to the pile of existing systems, then we’ve failed. For those organizations that have made significant investment, financial and otherwise, into systems, we are committed to helping you drive more return from your existing investment.


Your cloud or ours? Vendorful was architected to be portable across infrastructure providers. Whether you want to run in our public cloud environment, a private cloud environment, or even in your own data center, the choice is yours. Regardless of where you’re accessing Vendorful, you will reap the benefits of our continuous improvement approach to software development. We have set up infrastructure automation to ensure that our customers are always using the latest and greatest version of the platform.

Vendorful saves time and improves purchasing outcomes for both buyers and vendors.
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