Managed DNS: make your online presence faster, more redundant, and better protected.

18.6% of DDoS attacks in Q1 2016 were DNS-based.

Your business has grown. You have customers and partners relying on access to your online infrastructure 24/7. You’ve heard of DDoS attacks and you think you’re protected. But have you thought about your DNS infrastructure? Don’t let DNS be something you don’t think about until it’s too late. The benefits of managed DNS solutions include:

  • Security: DDoS attacks against DNS are common and are much harder to mitigate without the help of a Managed DNS provider.
  • Performance: If you’re using a CDN to speed up delivery of your content (and you should be!), then relying on a single DNS server which might be far from your user is undermining the benefits of CDN.
  • Simplicity: With simple web interfaces and powerful APIs, managed DNS providers reduce the complexity of managing your own DNS servers.

Whether you are interested in global load balancing, advanced routing, or just an insurance policy in the event of a Denial of Service attach, Managed DNS strongly merits consideration as a key tool in your IaaS toolbox

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Want to know more? Download our DNS e-book and learn all about the Domain Name System. From security to scalability, our Managed DNS: A Vendorful Guide will get you up to speed on how DNS works before walking you through the key benefits and critical features of Managed DNS. By the time you’re done, you’ll know why DNS is more than just a text field at your domain registrar and — more importantly — you will be able to assess your organization’s specific needs.

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There are more than 10 companies that offer Managed DNS services. Which is the right one for your organization? Fortunately, finding and connecting with the right vendors has never been easier. Build your list of RFP questions and Vendorful will connect you with DNS providers that best match your requirements.

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There are people throughout your organization who will need to weigh in on Managed DNS services and who should have input in choosing the right vendor. Fortunately, collaboration in Vendorful is easy! You can chat with coworkers, empower stakeholders, and seamlessly work across teams. Granular control of responsibilities makes it easy to manage your selection process while leveraging the knowledge of experts throughout your company.

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Once you’ve established which key features are most important for your organization, you can issue your request (RFP, RFI, RFQ) in minutes. The entire process is managed inside the browser.

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