“What gets measured gets managed.”

-Peter Drucker

How is your cloud infrastructure performing? Do you even know? How do you stack up to your #1 competitor?

Let’s be clear – Vendorful is not a Monitoring company. (If you want an enterprise-class Monitoring solution, we’re happy to help you find the right vendor.) We are, however, committed to helping our users be educated consumers. That’s why we are offering basic infrastructure monitoring at no cost.

Sign up now and get a year of free monitoring of your cloud infrastructure. There’s no software or agent to install and no SSH’ing into machines. Simply create an account and enter your domain in the User Interface. In under a minute, you’ll be up and running. You can configure your monitoring to not only measure and report on the performance of your cloud infrastructure, but any other company that you choose. Now you can see an objective, unbiased head-to-head comparison between your company and its fiercest rival.

How do I find free monitoring from here?

I want my free monitoring. Sign Me Up!

What do you get?

Services Monitored

  • HTTP(S) (uptime and performance)
  • DNS uptime and performance (e.g. latency, loss, jitter)
  • Ping/ICMP uptime and performance (e.g. latency, loss, jitter)

Basic Granularity

  • 5-minute intervals
  • 2 endpoints (your own and another)
  • 5 geographically distributed “probes”
Upgrade Your Free Monitoring

Want more?

Earn points by using Vendorful and cash those points in for upgraded monitoring. You’ll be upgrade the level of granularity by reducing the interval time, adding additional endpoints for monitoring, expand the geographic footprint of the probes, and even add alerting.