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Entries about starting a business.

My First Time (Being Invited to an RFP)

Fond Memories We all remember our first time…. The excitement! The performance anxiety! The sense of accomplishment! Truth be told, [...]

BoringBack — Why a Boring Business Has Sex Appeal

Seduced By Sexy The idea for my first business, Twistage, came to me while I was reading an article about [...]

Why I Fired Kevin Costner: A Story About Marketing Your Business

The Baby Won’t Stop Crying “I found this thing called gripe water. We have to buy it!” announced my wife. [...]

I’m Not a Visionary and You Probably Aren’t Either

There are literally thousands of LinkedIn profiles where people describe themselves as visionaries. Why does that matter? Let’s save that [...]

Hell Yes, I Want to Invest in Your Startup!

I have some serious deal flow here, in Goldfish Tank. Roughly every other day, I get an unsolicited ping from [...]

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