By bringing sanity to the RFP process…

Vendorful helps organizations identify, evaluate and purchase the products and services they need.

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Engage with internal stakeholders to improve the evaluation process and ultimately drive better ROI. Collaboration with internal stakeholders allows you to:

Leverage subject matter experts for key parts of the evaluation

Open up the scoring process to stakeholders who will ultimately be impacted by the vendor selection

Surface discrepancies and build consensus

Solicit input regarding requirements, market info, and more

Track vendor progress, and manage communication directly in one centralized location. With side-by-side vendor comparison capabilities you can:

See which of the invited vendors has/hasn’t responded

Score responses online, side-by-side

Easily manage how vendor responses compare to each other in one place, without all the copying and pasting of information

Reduce the time stakeholders need to invest in the RFP process, and evaluate and score vendor responses in record time.

Eliminate the need to organize all of the vendor responses for distribution to stakeholders

Cloud-based application — no installation time necessary and ability to access anywhere at anytime

Set up deadlines and reminders to keep your process on track

Have you considered the costs associated with engaging  internal stakeholders in a manual procurement process?

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