Brand Assets

We’d be delighted if you linked to us, included us in catalogs, websites, etc. If you elect to use our logo, we have a few options for you.

Why do I see references to Boring But Great, Inc. on the Vendorful website?

No one really discusses this, but naming a business is really hard. You want to find a word – or words – that describe what you do and for which you can buy a domain name. We had a strong preference for a .com suffix on our domain and it seemed that just about anything we imagined was already registered.

We scoured the Internet for words in Esperanto, Latvian, and Klingon (I’ll save you some time – Klingon is probably not the best choice for a memorable name) and couldn’t come up with anything we really, really liked.

At the same time, we were trying to start a business, which means tackling incorporation, hiring legal counsel, entering into contracts, etc. We need some name, any name. Voilà – the birth of Boring But Great, Inc.

We chose the name primarily as tongue-in-cheek placeholder. In a way, it described out business (though not in the way that’s very marketable) and the domain was available. And we were on our way.

What surprised us was the positive reaction we received from friends, former colleagues, etc. So we decided, even after acquiring the domain name, we would hang on to our Boring But Great heritage.