Peter Bonney

Peter was previously a partner at QVT Financial LP, a multi-billion dollar asset manager based in New York, where he worked on a variety of investment strategies and internal projects. Prior to joining QVT in 2002, Peter worked for Oliver, Wyman & Company and its venture In his free time he is a speaker and published author on data science in baseball, an avid home gardener and a budding orchardist. He holds a degree in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University. Peter lives in New York City.

4 Ways Reverse Auctions Can Revolutionize the Procurement Process

Reverse auctions can revolutionize your procurement process

The premise of reverse auctions is simple—buyers who want suppliers for a specific product or service ask suppliers to submit bids online. To win the bid, suppliers must then compete with the lowest cost, over a defined period of time. This new process has naturally attracted the attention of procurement teams. And those teams have …

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June 2018 Product Update

School’s out for summer? Says who? We’re still cranking away on Vendorful. Here are some of the sunny highlights from June.Advanced Filtering for RFXIt’s on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t remember the name…. But the details, you kind of remember. We can empathize and user empathy is a great way to build …

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May 2018 Product Update

“When it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May.” Well, even in warm weather, we like to write code. Here are some of the feature highlights from May.RFX Scoring AbstentionIf you’ve ever been asked to score an RFP response and feel ill equipped to evaluate the answers to particular questions, you’re not alone. We’ve …

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5 Benefits of eSourcing for Both Purchasers and Suppliers

eSourcing benefits buyers and suppliers

The benefits of eSourcing may be clear for buyers, but streamlining the procurement process tends to be met warily by vendors. The apprehension stems from the impression that any level of process automation commoditizes their products and services, and that eSourcing platforms are largely one-sided in favor of the purchaser. The fact is, however, that …

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April 2018 Product Update

In April 2018, we came, we saw, we coded. Here are some of the Vendorful product updates we released.File ManagerAre there files that you attach to every RFP/RFI/RFQ that you issue? It can be annoying or inconvenient to have to add those files each time. To address this, we’ve introduced a file manager that allows …

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March 2018 Product Update

Reverse Auctions ImprovementsWe made a variety of enhancements to our Reverse Auctions module. They run the gamut and include usability improvements to the UI, exposing more analytic data, and even improvements to the email notifications that accompany a reverse auction.Perhaps the most significant improvement, however, was the introduction of a new reverse auction style: Ranked …

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